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Road Testing

Road test availability for all classes of tests can be checked online.

In order to be eligible for your Class 5 basic road test, you must hold the learner’s licence for 365 days. Completing driving school may help with your insurance rates, but will not decrease the length of time you are required to hold the learner’s licence. Depending on the date that you are eligible for the road test, you may pre-book the road test appointment to complete on the 1 year anniversary of your learner’s licence. But if you schedule the road test prior to the 1 year as a learner, you will not be able to go for the road test and the money paid for the road test will be forfeited.

You must provide a mechanically sound vehicle including functioning: o headlights; o brake lights - including high-centre mount brake light, if equipped; o signal lights; o horn; o speedometer; o brakes; o seatbelts; o vehicle controls; o windshield wipers; o exhaust system; and o windows and doors. o check engine light must not be illuminated o tires must be in good condition. o clean and uncluttered passenger seat for the examiner. The windshield must not have: - cracks or blemishes more than 12mm in diameter in the area swept by the wipers - crack through both layers of glass - a crack that extends to another edge or back to originating edge through the area swept by the wipers - windshield is pitted, scratched to the extent the driver’s visibility is affected - Non-factory tint on the front side windows or windshield The vehicle requirements will be verified by the road examiner, if you are concerned with the condition of your vehicle, you may complete the road test in a friend or family member’s vehicle.

The road examiners may cancel a road test due to poor weather conditions. If your exam is cancelled due to poor or unsafe weather conditions you will be able to reschedule the test at no additional fee.

We do have a rental vehicle. It is available for rent all day Monday – Wednesday and between 2 pm and 5 pm on Thursdays. You may schedule the road test online.
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