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NOTE: These are actual questions from our customers, and our answers. We endeavor to monitor and keep this information up to date. To confirm the information here, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

Corporate Registries
You can dissolve a corporation for the owner has passed away at West-End Registries. You will need to supply the your valid photo ID to dissolve a corporation, we would list you as an agent for the corporation for the person requesting the service. We would make the sole director as inactive. The date that he passed away would be his director cessation date. If you are able to supply the date in May 2020, but we do not need a funeral statement or a death certificate. There is a fee of $84.00 for the corporation dissolution.
The historical searches cannot be submitted online. But you may submit a request by emailing our office, and include the information you are looking for. We will send you a payment request by email to process the credit card. Once paid we can process the historical search and email the results back to you. If there are schedules on the historical search, they would be included with the search. For change documents, each filing has a separate document that may be ordered. For change document, would be pulled as a historical search for each recorded change. If you are going to be processing historical searches often, you can look at getting an account with our office. You would be billed monthly instead of paying for each service.
We can order original registration documents and annual reports for the society. The Alberta Corporate Search will not include the bylaws or the annual reports as these are a microfilm document that may be ordered and supplied by AB Corporate Registries. The Corporate Search will include, registered and records address for the society, along with the name and address for the directors/shareholders. The fee to order corporate microfilm is $20. As far as I know, you will receive all documents that have been microfilmed since the original registration date of the society. If you would like to proceed, I can send you a payment link for credit card payments. Once payment is received we would order the microfilm, the documents should be available in 24 - 48 hours.
You may request a copy of your corporate annual return filing. Any re-prints after 5 days of the service, must be requested as a service print in the corporate registry system. There is a fee of $23 to reprint the annual return proof of filing.
Unfortunately, we are not able to notarize or certify a document.
To locate the owner of a business, you may request a corporate search on our website @ The corporate search results will be emailed to you in a few minutes. The corporate search results will include: - Corporate name, Corporate Access Number, business number – if assigned, and legal entity status, registration date - Registered office address and records address - Email address, if recorded - Director’s name, address, and appointment date (as recorded on the Alberta Corporate Registry system) - Shareholder’s name, address, and percentage of voting shares (as recorded on the Alberta Corporate Registry system) - Articles of incorporation (additional article attachments may be available upon request) - Filing history
The annual return is due each year during the anniversary month of the incorporation date. A reminder email may be sent to the corporation approximately 2 weeks prior to the anniversary month. If the email is not received, you are still required to file the annual return. You may file the annual return on our website at Once the annual return is submitted online with payment, the proof of filing will be emailed within 1 hour during business hours.
The trade name is the simplest form of a business organization. The proprietor assumes all responsibilities for the business including financing, operation, taxes, and accepts all profits or losses. If the business fails, the owner must assume total liability. This means all assets, whether business or personal, can be legally taken and used to discharge the liability. ADVANTAGES: - Organization can be informal and flexible. - Easy to start and affordable. DISADVANTAGES: - Profits are personally taxable. - The company ends with the death of the proprietor. - Personally liable for all debts and judgments against the business. -Filing a declaration does not give any right of ownership of the name. The incorporation is a separate legal entity from the directors or shareholders within the corporation. There will be a separate tax filing for the corporation, separate from the directors or shareholders within the corporation. ADVANTAGES: -Limited liability - The limited company forms a distinct legal entity apart from the owners. Therefore, no shareholder of the company can be held personally liable for the debts, obligations or acts of the company. The liability of a shareholder is limited to the value of that shareholders shares. - Ownership of a limited company is easily transferred by the selling of shares, without upsetting the management of the business. - No other limited company can use the exact same name. - The life of the limited company does not end with the death of a shareholder. DISADVANTAGES: - Costs are higher when incorporating and additional records are required. -Annual returns must be filed yearly to keep the company active. West-End Registries may provide general information. When deciding on what type of business you should register, we are unable to provide legal advice. We recommend that you consult with a lawyer or an accountant.