Alberta Personal Property (Lien) Searches

Buying a used vehicle and need to check that it is free and clear of liens? Personal Property (Lien) searches provide up-to-date lien information on a vehicle, individual or business. Results are returned in a searchable PDF format.

Vehicle Lien Search (by VIN) ($10.00)
Business Debtor Search ($10.00)
Individual Debtor Search ($10.00)

Alberta Corporate Searches

Needing up-to-date information on an Alberta Corporation, Tradename or Partnership? Corporate searches provide all current information for the company. For Corporations this will include any current directors, shareholders, addresses, articles of incorporation etc. Trade Name and Partnership searches will include the registrant or partner information in addition to the registration date etc.

Corporations ($14.00)
Trade Names ($10.00)
Partnerships ($10.00)