$23 - Online Alberta Vehicle Information Report

Vehicle Information Report Looking at purchasing a used vehicle? Through our registry you can purchase a Vehicle Information Report (VIR) that provides you with non-protected information about vehicles registered in Alberta. A VIR contains important information when it comes to buying or selling a vehicle.

Reports Include:

  • Sample Vehicle Information Report
  • Vehicle description - such as year, make, model, style, colour, and fuel type
  • Vehicle status - such as active, rebuilt, salvage, etc.
  • Odometer reading (if reported)
  • Registration dates and locations
  • Number of liens registered in Alberta against the vehicle (detailed information requires a further Personal Property search)

A VIR only includes Alberta information and does not include information from other jurisdictions where the vehicle may have been registered.

We will perform a search based on the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) that you provide and email you a copy of the results.

How To Order

Please follow the instructions on the following page.

If there are any questions or issues, please contact our office.

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