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Personal Property
As there are no exact matches indicated on page 1 of your search, this confirms there are no liens registered against the VIN you have search in Alberta. The inexact matches that are listed on page 2 of your lien search are similar VIN numbers in the last 6 digits of the VIN you have searched. The VINs listed on page 2 do have a lien registered in Alberta.
A lien search can be conducted on serial number goods (motor vehicles, trailers, boats, outboard motor or aircraft) or on an individuals or businesses. The lien search will include: - Debtor’s (A person who owes money or the performance of an obligation) name, address, and date of birth, if recorded. - Secured party’s (a person or company who money or obligations are owed to) name, address, and email address or fax number, if recorded. - Serial collateral and / or general collateral details - Registration number, type of registration, registration date, and expiry date.
You can request a lien search on our website @ You may enter your search criteria and process the payment online. The results will be emailed to you in a few minutes.