Alberta Operator Licence Services - Renewals, Reclass, Abstracts

What Services Do We Offer?

Drivers Licence

As an Alberta Authorized Registry Agent, West-End Registries is able to provide you with all Operator Licence services.

Available Online & In Person
Available In Person
  • Issuing Operators Licenses
  • Issuing Identification Cards
  • Out of Province Drivers Licence Exchanges
  • Knowledge Testing
  • Reclassing your Drivers Licence
  • Replacing Lost or Stolen Drivers Licences or ID Cards
  • Adding or Removing Condition Codes
  • Applying Merit Course Certificates
  • Operator Licence Reinstatements
  • Processing Ignition Interlock Applications
  • Etc...

Knowledge / Road Testing

Knowledge Tests are available up to 45 minutes prior to closing time.
Knowledge Test Manuals are available on the GOA Website

Please review ID/Residency Requirements prior to arrival at the office.

Road Testing Information

Knowledge Testing Information

Learners Practice Test
Thinking about taking the Alberta learners test soon? Are you having trouble passing your written class 7 knowledge test? You are more likely to pass your class 7 learners test by practicing and being prepared. Practice for your learners test online, with a growing bank of practice test questions created and managed by class 7 industry experts and pass your knowledge test on the first try!
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