Attention Oilers Fans!

Show your support with an Edmonton Oilers speciality plate and contribute to a good cause!

The proceeds from the sale of Edmonton Oilers license plates, go towards charitable initiatives. In the case of Edmonton Oilers license plates, the majority of the fees collected is donated to the Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation.

The Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation is committed to improving the lives of people in the community by focusing on education, health, and wellness initiatives. The foundation supports various charitable organizations, programs, and projects in the region, including funding for scholarships, after-school programs, and other community endeavors.

Not a Fan of the Best Hockey Team in Alberta?

Flames plates are also an option

Proceeds from the sale of Calgary Flames specialty plates go towards charitable initiatives and programs supported by the Calgary Flames Foundation. The Calgary Flames Foundation is the charitable arm of the Calgary Flames hockey team.

The Calgary Flames Foundation focuses on supporting various causes and organizations in the Calgary area, primarily in the areas of health, wellness, and amateur and grassroots sports. The foundation funds programs and projects that aim to improve the quality of life for people in the community, with an emphasis on supporting children, youth, and families in need.

Not a Sports Fan?

We also offer Support our Troops plates.

The Support Our Troops specialty license plates are issued by the Government of Alberta and are designed to show support for members of the Canadian Armed Forces and their families who reside in the province of Alberta.

The proceeds from the sale of these plates go towards the Support Our Troops program, which is administered by the Canadian Armed Forces Morale and Welfare Services. This program provides a range of support and services to serving members of the Canadian Armed Forces, veterans, and their families.

The Support Our Troops program supports a variety of initiatives, including funding for community programs, financial assistance for military families in need, and other programs that help support the well-being of military members and their families. The program also provides support to veterans who are transitioning back to civilian life, helping them with employment, education, and other important services.

Specialty Plates Make a Great Gift!

No matter which option you choose, all specialty plates make a great gift and can be ordered in person or online! Order yours today! It will arrive in the mail.

Once you receive your plate you will just need to come into the office to do a plate exchange prior to putting it on your vehicle. To order online you will need to have your Account setup prior to placing your order. Links provided above for more information. Don't have an Account? Just pop into the office to place your order.

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