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NOTE: These are actual questions from our customers, and our answers. We endeavor to monitor and keep this information up to date. To confirm the information here, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

Vehicle Registrations
The duplicate registration is available to pick up in person at West-End Registries. The fee is $28 for the vehicle registration certificate re-print. Please provide your driver’s licence or other photo ID. We are able to process a duplicate registration by email request. We would send you a payment link to accept payment by credit card. Then the duplicate vehicle registration would be mailed to your home, so it may be 2+ business days for you to receive the Canada Post mail delivery. If you would like to submit your request by email, rather than in person, please respond to my email so I may send you the authorization letter to provide consent for the registry office to produce the duplicate registration.
The Alberta vehicle registration fees were increased from $84.45 to $93.00 in January 2020. The vehicle registration certificate that you received will have a price listed on the bottom right hand corner, to confirms the price of the vehicle registration.
We were closed on January 1. If you still need to renew your vehicle registration, we are open today from 8 am to 6 pm. Please provide your insurance and photo ID to renew your vehicle registration.
You cannot register fleet vehicles online. You may email your fleet notice to for processing. Please note any required changes on the fleet notice and if you need the registration reprinted for any or all vehicles. We will provide the price that is due when we have prepared the fleet renewal. Once complete, a company representative may visit our office to make the payment and pick up any required documents.
When you submit your registration renewal online, there is no deadline to pick it up. We will hold the documents in office until you are able to visit our office. The only deadline would be the expiry date listed on your current registration certificate. You also have an option to have the registration mailed out by courier for an extra fee or by Canada Post for no extra charge. The mail out option is available as long as your address is correct on your registration certificate.
You may send your husband to pick up your registration. We would prefer that his licence address matches the address on the registration. As you have contacted us to arrange for a 3rd party, we will allow him to pick up even if the addresses do not match. Please send your husband to the Fleet Services -there is a sign on the door. He will not have to wait in line at the registry side.
If the vehicle registration certificate is in your name, there is no need to have your ex-husband sign the letter of authorization or provide the bill of sale again. When you renew your registration in April, please provide your licence or other photo ID and the insurance for the vehicle.
There may be a refund available for your licence and registration, depending on how much time is remaining. If you have 1 full year or more remaining on your driver’s licence, there would be a refund available. If the vehicle registration is valid for 6 months or more, there would be a refund available. To process the cancellation of a driver’s licence and registration, you may submit a written request to West-End Registries. There is a fee of $9 / cancellation. Once we receive your written request, we can send you a payment link to make the payment by credit card or you may mail a cheque or money order. Operator licence cancellation: Submit a written request via mail, fax, or encrypted email, containing the following elements directly to the registry agent office: - Date. - Name. - New address. - Daytime telephone number. - Driver’s licence number or MVID. - Signature. Vehicle registration cancellation: Submit a written request containing the following elements, via mail, fax or encrypted email, directly to the registry agent office: - Date. - Name of registered owner(s). - New address. - Identification type and number. - Licence plate number (If the licence plate is not returned with the request, the client must provide an explanation of what happened to the licence plate.) - Signature from registered owner(s) To discontinue the reminder service, please visit, enter your email or mobile number in the “Returning Customers”. An email or text will be sent to access your profile. You may change or delete your reminder profile.
Yes, you may renew the registration for another person. You will need to provide: - The current vehicle registration certificate (format may be: original, photocopy or photo received by email or text) or - An “Authorization for Vehicle Services” located on the and - Valid insurance If there are any changes required on the registration, you will need to provide the “Authorization for Vehicle Services” that indicates the requested changes. We will also need your valid driver’s licence or other photo ID to make the necessary changes on the vehicle registration.
Yes, you may register a new vehicle for another person. You will need to provide: - Original bill of sale - New Vehicle Information Statement (NVIS), if applicable for a brand new vehicle - “Authorization for Vehicle Services” located on the and - Valid insurance - Your valid driver’s licence or other photo ID
All overdue fines must be paid before the vehicle registration can be processed.
You do not need to book an appointment for a registry services. We are open regular hours For the traffic ticket, if it is not overdue, please bring the original ticket. There is a $9.00 service charge when paying the ticket at any registry office. For the renewal, if it is a vehicle renewal, please bring in your insurance. Or if it is a licence renewal, we will most likely need to take a new photo. The licence or vehicle renewal will be $93.00.
The personalized plate can be ordered at West-End Registries. It will take approximately 3 - 4 weeks to arrive at your home address.
The fee for an in-transit permit is $24.00. The length of time the in-transit permit is issue is depending on the purpose for the in-transit: -to move the vehicle from point A to point B within Alberta – maximum 3 days -to move the vehicle from point A to point B outside Alberta – maximum 7 days -for demonstration/test drive purposes – maximum 7 days -for servicing or inspection purposes – maximum 7 days -for salvage vehicles – maximum 24 hours Please provide valid photo ID and valid insurance to purchase the in-transit permit. If the vehicle is moving outside or into Alberta, please provide your proof of ownership or bill of sale to purchase the in-transit.
In Alberta, there is no motor vehicle searches that will release the name of the owner of a vehicle. Also in Alberta, the seller does not have to be the last registered owner of the vehicle. In some provinces or countries, there is a title document that will follow the vehicle, but not necessary in Alberta. If you are concerned with the seller, there are a few reports that might provide some information for the vehicle, but not the registered owner’s name. 1) Vehicle Information Report is $23.00, which can be requested on our website at The vehicle information report is also available in person. • Vehicle description - such as year, make, model, style, colour, and fuel type • Vehicle status - such as active, rebuilt, salvage, etc. • Odometer reading (if reported) • Registration dates and locations • Number of liens registered in Alberta against the vehicle (detailed information requires a further Personal Property search) 2) Lien Search is $10.00, which can be requested on our website at The lien search is also available in person. • Detailed information on the Alberta lien registration 3) Carproof Search is $44.05, which can be requested by email or in person. • Limited Registration/Insurance information from across Canada • Vehicle status from across Canada • Insurance Claims 4) Stolen Vehicle Check in the Canada Police Database – no charge online @ To register a vehicle, please provide: -original bill of sale. If there are any corrections or alterations on the bill of sale, please have the seller and the buyer initial all changes. -valid insurance -valid photo ID, such as Driver’s licence, passport, ID card
You may register your vehicle by providing proof of insurance, we don’t need the original pink card. You may provide proof insurance by email, fax, or if your insurance company offers the insurance app. The proof of insurance document must contain: the name(s) of the insured, vehicle description (e.g., make, VIN and year), name of the insurance company and agency, policy (or binder) number, date of issue and expiry date
When you purchase a new vehicle, the first registration or vehicle transfer is not available online. The online vehicle renewal (with no changes) is available. There is an option, due to COVID-19, to process the vehicle registration by email. If you are able to attend our office, we can process the registration for the vehicle that you have just purchased. Please provide your original bill of sale, valid insurance, and valid photo ID. If there are two buyers on the bill of sale, we would need both parties to be present or an Authorization for Vehicle Services ( completed. If you unable to attend the office in person, please contact me for further instructions to process the registration by email.
If you are available to come into the office yourself, we are open on Saturdays from 9 am – 4 pm. There is an option (as the Government of Alberta has allowed due to the pandemic) to issue the in-transit permit via email with the original in-transit available to pick-up, delivery by courier, or mail out. The fee for the in-transit permit is $24.00. The in-transit will be valid for a maximum of 7 days to travel outside of Alberta. Either in office or via email, please provide the original (or a copy via email) completed bill of sale (as the vehicle is leaving the province of Alberta), valid insurance (SGI temporary pink card is sufficient) and your photo identification. If processing via email, I will review the documents then send a payment request to pay by credit card. Once the payment is processed I will complete the in-transit permit and provide as per your preferred method. Otherwise, a friend or family member may able to attend our office on your behalf. They would need the original completed bill of sale (as the vehicle is leaving the province of Alberta), valid insurance (SGI temporary pink card is sufficient) and their photo identification.