$90 - Online Alberta Annual Return

Corporate Folders Filing Annual Returns in a timely manner is essential, because failing to do so could result in the corporation being struck from the register. Reviving the company will come with significant extra costs.

Not only is it a requirement to keep your company information updated, it is in your best interest. It is your responsibility to be able to receive important notices from various levels of Government and possibly members of the public. If you do not, it could result in significant extra costs to your business.

More information can be found on the Government of Alberta website

This is NOT the same as your tax return which is filed through Revenue Canada.

Annual Returns for societies and non-profit organizations must be sent directly to Alberta Corporate Registry.

The role of the registry agent does not include providing legal advice, that is the role of a lawyer licensed to practice law in Alberta.

Your Annual Return is due each year on the same month your company was incorporated. The cost is $90.00 per year.

How To File Annual Return Online

We require that an annual return form is uploaded to our site, along with identification of the requestor. This form should have been emailed to you. If you did not receive, you can download a blank Annual Return Form.

If an address change is required please also include a Notice of Change of Address Form.

If there are any questions or issues, please contact our office.

** NOTE: Orders will be processed within about an hour of receipt, during our operating hours. Please note we are closed on statutory holidays.

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