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Land Titles
The land title is $20 if you have the legal land description. If you have a civic (street) address, there will additional fees to obtain the legal land description to search for the land title.
The transfer of land form is located on the (link below) for an Alberta Land Title addition. The forms will be completed and submitted directly to Land Titles.
Unfortunately Registry Agents do not have the ability to search the land titles system in Alberta by name – we can only search by address or legal description. The name search facility is available directly from the Land Titles Office in Calgary or in Edmonton, but these search requests are limited to individuals who meet certain criteria legislated in the Land Titles Name Search Regulations established by the Land Titles Act. The name search will search land titles by owner's name and documents by names listed on the interests. See Appendix III of the Land Titles Procedure Manual at: If you are eligible based on one of the criteria listed in the Appendix, an application for name search would need to be completed and submitted to the Land Titles Office with appropriate supporting documentation. The application can be found at: NAME_SEARCH_APPLICATION.pdf (
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